Family Support & Outreach

blog-post-hero03We run some pretty incredible programs here at Balding for Dollars and our Family Outreach and Support is one of our most important ones. Most people don’t realize that when a child is diagnosed with cancer or a blood disorder, it’s as if the whole family is diagnosed with that illness too.  In order for families to make it through such a difficult time, support is needed on all levels.

That’s where we come in.

We work closely with the social workers to help ensure that families have the support they need during this time.

We know that the medicines and supplies that are needed to fight this disease do not come cheap and are not always covered by health insurance, so we step in with funds we have raised to help families cover those costs.

Our families come from all over the province and often need a place to stay while their child gets treatments. We offer support by helping to find temporary accommodations for those families in need.

For families staying in the hospital for a while, we have a laundry room with a washer, dryer and supplies so that they don’t have to go out to a laundromat to wash their clothes.

There are so many other ways that we offer support to our families.  Programs like these are how we show our families that they are not alone and that their community is standing there right beside them holding them up.

We hope you’ll stand up with us and our families during this time.

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