This is Karsen and his mom Tara. Karsen is 9 years old and one of the most caring, compassionate and amazing kids we have come across. He has been growing his beautiful blonde hair to donate to be made into a wig for kids that lose their hair and he has an INCREDIBLE goal to raise $20,000 to help those kids and their families while they’re in the hospital.

We live in a world where unfortunately bullying still exists, and Karsen has been dealing with that burden this school year as he has tried to remain proud and strong while growing his hair.

So, we are on a mission to help Karsen and his mom feel SUPER special and proud of what they are doing for other kids, and show those bullies that hurting someone for doing something so selfless is just wrong and should not be tolerated.

Tara is working with the school, and we are trying to organize a special event for Karsen and hopefully get more people involved.

So, how can you help? You can make a donation to his page (receive an instant tax receipt) by going to the link. Do it in honour of someone you know who has/had cancer, or who has been bullied, or in someone’s name for their Christmas gift- ‘tis the season of giving!

*Fundraising page is now closed.

You can also SHARE this post and follow/tag Karsen in your posts so he can see them! instagram: @kman4kidz

Let’s show Karsen there are more on his side than he could even imagine and help him reach his goal with pride!

*Update: Karsen cut & shaved in late December of 2019 and has raised $12,550 to date! Way to go Karsen. 

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