On May 9th, 2020 we would have been celebrating Balding for Dollars 21st Annual head shave and hair cut event at BC Children’s Hospital. Welcoming over 500 people throughout the day including our wonderful volunteers, brave participants, past and current oncology/hematology patients, and family and friends who come to cheer everyone on and enjoy the fun. When this global pandemic hit and restrictions started narrowing the possibility of having an event that usually fund raises up to $100,000- around half of our average annual funds raised- we were definitely heartbroken. But we started brainstorming innovative ways to still hold our event.

On May 9th, we hosted a virtual event via zoom, with five participants and their families, guests, and our entire Balding for Dollars committee to cheer them on while they cut or shaved their hair from home.

It was definitely different not hearing the buzz of a bunch of razors, and seeing fun activities going on such as crafts, bubbles, face painting, photo booths and games. And though it lacked that classic popcorn smell filling the air, special guests delighting the crowd, and the high energy; it still felt special and was so amazing to see those five participants commit to our ‘Bald is Beautiful’ and cut or shave their hair to donate. I also commend those participants who contributed around $10,000 in funds raised towards our climbing total for this year that’s now over $80,000, despite the financial difficulty facing so many in our province. A special thank you to the BCCHF, Steve Marriott for playing music, and Pacific Fairytales for joining us with some magical characters during the event.

Here is what one of our virtual participants had to say:

“Watching past participants while volunteering at the Balding for Dollars annual event get their hair cut on stage was so inspiring and I decided that I wanted to grow out my hair to donate it as well. When I made that decision, I never thought a global pandemic would get in the way and I was expecting I would have to get it cut just at my hairdressers. Although it was going to be donated and I was still raising the funds, the fun that I experienced every year during past events would be absent. But thanks to Marissa Dunbar, the event was able to continue virtually during COVID-19! Even though the event was not in-person, I still got to experience the joy and happiness Balding for Dollars brings every year.” –Rachel Quin

Rachel Quin before/after photo

Cancer does not stop for a pandemic, so we are continuing to innovate to raise much needed funds for our oncology/hematology/BMT families at BC Children’s Hospital for the rest of 2020 with two virtual campaigns. We are making ‘Buttons for Healthcare Workers’ to show their smiling faces under all their PPE. As well as we are encouraging some fun home haircuts/shaves, or growing your hair out until you can get to a salon for a cut and raising funds and awareness for Balding for Dollars at the same time with our ‘Quarantine Kuts For Kids’ campaign. Both of these campaigns can be joined and donated to by going to our website www.baldingfordollars.com.

Watch our virtual event here:

A Special Shout out to both Whistler & Kelowna event hosts for Continuing their events virtually as well in March & April. With 6 participants, Dave Clark’s Whistler crew raised $10,676! And with 9 participants, Bernie’s Kelowna bunch raised over $15,000! Thank you for your commitment and hearts towards Balding for Dollars and the families we help!


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