Application for Bursary & Education Programs

Before you apply for the Survivor Education Bursary or Conference Education Grant please make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements listed below. A reminder that this may be applied not only for college or university, but to any post secondary course that may enhance life skills and help to advance your future career goals. For example: first Aid course, food safe course, highschool educational upgrading, higher class level driving course, etc. will all be considered. Please contact us if you are unsure if your desired course or program is eligible.

Application Eligibility Criteria for the Survivorship Bursary is as follows:

  • You must be:
    • a survivor of a childhood cancer or blood disorder, or  in treatment for a childhood cancer or blood disorder, and
    • involved in the BCCH Oncology/Hematology/BMT program
  • The educational program you are applying to attend must:
    • Meet the goal of the bursary program
    • Be sponsored by a professional association or agency
    • Enhance your life
    • Help with future employment
  • You may apply for the award to cover:
    • Registration/tuition
    • Books and Course materials
    • Other program costs (will be considered on a case by case basis)
  • You must be willing and able to Volunteer for Balding within a year of recieving your bursary (before or after) by:
    • Doing some volunteer work leading up to our events helping with spreading awareness, encouraging participant sign up, and collecting donations of food/items for prizes etc. Email us for more info on this.
    • Volunteering at a Balding event in your local community such as our Main Event at BCCH, Whistler, Kelowna, Vancouver Island & others. Please watch your email and stay connected for opportunities.
    • Planning and hosting your own Balding event (movie night, bake sale, carnival, headshave/hair cut, school event etc) or going door to door collecting donations. Please email us if you plan to do your own event.
    • *Additionally for every recipient: Following us on social media @baldingfordollars and actively engaging with and sharing our posts is strongly encouraged and helps us immensely! If you’d like to be featured on our blog (and subsequently our website and social media) we are always looking for stories on survivors and patients who have been helped by any of Balding’s programs and funding, like this bursary award! Email us!

*** Priority will be given to you if you:

  1. Have not received funding from BFD in the past 12 months
  2. Have contributed to a BFD event or initiative in your community in the last 12 months


Application Eligibility Criteria for the Conference Education Bursary is as follows:

  • Candidate must be involved in the Oncology/Hematology/BMT program, eg: health care professional, survivor, family member of a patient/survivor
  • Candidate is willing and able to volunteer for Balding for Dollars within a year of the conference
  • Educational programs/projects will be judged to be worthy of funding if they:
    • will enhance the Oncology/Hematology/BMT program, including families, survivors and health care professionals
    • have direct applicability to pediatric oncology/hematology/BMT
    • are sponsored by a professional association or agency

*** Priority will be given to you if you:

  • are doing presentations at the conference
  • are part of organizing or planning the conference program
  • have not received funding from BFD in the past 12 months
  • have contributed to a BFD event in your community

Before submitting application please ensure that you fall under the eligibility requirements. It’s always good to double check! Incomplete submissions without proper paperwork will not be accepted. All receipts provided must be official & originals.

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