Child Life Specialists

A Child Life Specialist helps to make hospitalization a more positive experience by helping to reduce the impact of stressful or traumatic events which affect the development, health and well-being of infants, children, youth and families. The Child Life Team in the Onc/Hem/BMT Program support normal growth and development, reduce anxiety and promote coping through play, preparation, education and support to patients and families. We are very fortunate to receive funding from Balding for Dollars to help support the programming we are able to provide. Funding received from Balding for Dollars supports the following Child Life interventions:

  • Resources for patients when they are admitted for lengthy hospital stays
  • Supplies to provide a variety of developmental and therapeutic activities such as baking, art and special interest projects
  • Craft supplies and other items for daily patient programming
  • Resource materials to help patients and families cope with a new diagnosis
  • Resources for seasonal celebrations and patient birthdays
  • Supplies to promote developmental understanding of medical procedures and diagnoses
  • Items used to promote alternative focus/intentional distraction during difficult procedures
  • Music therapy supplies to promote coping and self-expression through music


Another annual program Balding for Dollars Supports with funds is the Remembering Our Children Tea. Where families of children in oncology/hematology/BMT programs who’ve passed away the previous year, are invited to attend a beautiful ceremony honouring their children’s lives. This event provides a safe space for sharing memories, grief, and an opportunity to connect with other families on similar journeys, and even some of their past healthcare team members in attendance. We are very proud to support this event as part of our “beyond treatment” support mission.

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