We want to commend the beautiful healthcare workers at BC Children’s Hospital for their already difficult, heart-tugging, and tiring jobs, but ESPECIALLY for keeping their hearts and minds in it for our families during this unprecedented pandemic.

As you may or may not know, Balding for Dollars has a button machine that we use at events to identify volunteers, participants, and for kids to decorate and make their own to wear. We received a request from the child life workers on T-8 to create buttons for their team so that the kids could identify them better under all their extra PPE, and feel more comfortable. Well that quickly blew up into a project that many departments across the hospital wanted to get their hands on for their teams, for the same reasons. So we started curating these buttons for a minimum $5 donation so that we could cover our supplies cost and help support some families that benefit from our programs at the same time.

They are able to be sanitized and re-used to wear on their PPE and work attire since their masks and googles are covering most of their face. This will help the kids feel more comfortable and so they can recognize the wonderful people working hard for them and their families more easily.

If you’d like to make a donation without purchasing buttons you are welcome to support this project as all the money will go to our Balding for Dollars programming.


If you need more info please email Suzanne at sdunbar@cw.bc.ca or Marissa at marissa.dunbar@cw.bc.ca

Thank You health care workers!

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