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Balding for Dollars welcomes independent community events. Every year we have numerous events take place that are organized by individuals and groups from communities across B.C. These events can be anything from a head shave/hair cut event, to a bake sale, or live performance. They can take place any time of the year and annual events have proven to be extremely successful.

Many of these events are organized by individuals who have personally had a meaningful experience at B.C. Children’s Hospital or they know someone who did. We’ve also had some pretty extraordinary individuals who have had no prior experience with Children’s Hospital or cancer at all organize events simply because they want to make a difference in the life of a child battling cancer. Isn’t that incredible?

As you see in our ‘about us’ section, funds raised will go towards supporting families in the Oncology/Hematology/BMT program at B.C. Children’s Hospital. We’ve collected a few tools to help you get started in planning your own event and we’ve listed them below!

We’re so excited to have you partner with us and can’t wait to see what you come up with!

How to Plan an Event


Step 1: Contact the Balding for Dollars Administrator 

  • Let us know you are thinking about hosting an event, and some of the possible details. We can help guide and support from the start!

Contact Us Now

Step 2: Decide on the 3 W’s – The What, When, Where of the event

  • The What – Like we said earlier the event you choose to host could be anything. It could be a hair-cutting event or a pub night, or simply going around fundraising. Whatever, you choose to do just keep in mind that some events take a little more time to plan than others so make sure to factor that in when you make your decision.
  • The When – Once you’ve decided what you want to do choose a date! Depending on your targeted audience the date you choose will play a major part in the success of your event. For example, if you want to host an event at a University, you probably want to host your event on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday when the majority of students are on campus. If you’re doing a pub night, you probably want to choose a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday Night because people are more likely to come out to an event on a weekend. This is just good to keep in mind so that you get the maximum people out to your event.
  • The Where – Once you’ve got the first two decided it’s time to figure out where you’re going to host it. If you’re hosting it at a school it’s best to find the most central location where there will be a lot of people present so that you can have the biggest impact. Otherwise, restaurants with big rooms, school gymnasiums, and community halls are great spaces for this type of event. Please note that depending on the availability of the desired location the date of the event may change.
  • If you need help brainstorming for the event, please contact Trish Shirra at She would be more than happy to help get you started.

Step 3: Sign up your team and create your fundraising page

Sign Up

  • Once there you’ll be led through the sign up process. You’ll be asked to choose a name, fundraising goal, and details about the event. Writing your motivation behind the event and posting photos helps get your message across and really connect with your audience.
  • Don’t worry about making a mistake with writing the name or goal. As team captain, you can always go back and change it later!
  • Also make sure to set up your personal fundraising page too!
  • Fundraising pages are secure and $20+ will recieve an instant tax receipt. You can also collect & ‘upload’ cash & cheque donations so they reflect on your total raised.
  • Once you’re done that, SHARE your event and unique fundraising link with the WORLD! Text, email, social media, & posters are all great ways to share on how to join & donate. Using QR codes on posters and having them readily available for others to scan on your phone, is a great way to easily get donations. Contact us if you need help setting one up.

Step 4: Plan the Details of the Event

  • Certain events take lots of organizing and planning so make sure to give yourself enough time. Balding for Dollars is not responsible for expenses incurred in this fundraising process and we encourage event planners to go to the businesses in their communities to ask for donations. We can support your event with some branded materials. Please contact us with what you would like at you event (i.e. banners, balloons, etc).
  • If you need help drafting a donor letter, please contact Trish Shirra at

Step 5: Promote, Recruit, & Have Fun!

Recruiting Participants: 

  • Write a list of guests to invite – don’t forget to include your friends, family, co-workers, neighbours, or whoever is appropriate for your event. Reach out personally, use an email list, free online event invite service such as e-vite, create a facebook group or event and send out those invites!

Recruiting Volunteers: 

  • Ask your friends and co-workers to help plan your event and assign them with a specific role. Make sure to provide your confirmed volunteers with briefing notes, details on their roles and responsibilities, and training if necessary.

Social Media – A free and effective way to promote your event: 

  • Create a facebook event page with your details and link it to your “Balding for Dollars at BC Children’s Hospital” event page, where they can make a donation. Remember to update it often as your event gets closer.
  • If you are on Twitter, tweet your event details and ways to participate to your followers. Let people know why you are doing the event and give progress updates to maintain interest.
  • Do you have a blog? You can share information on why and what you are doing through your blog. Link these blog posts to your Facebook event page and let people know you’ve posted a new blog through twitter and instagram too.
  • Instagram is a great way to engage your followers with visuals. Use eye catching photos and feel free to use the Balding For Dollars logo. Make sure the caption gives details about your event, and why you’re doing it. A reminder that Instagram doesn’t let you link in post captions, so always put the event link in your bio and direct them to find it there. You can also use Instagram stories, and go live to create excitement- just make sure to update often.

News Release – Get your local media involved: 

  • If your event is open to the public and you would like to inform your local media about your fundraising initiative, send out a news release to your local paper. Be sure to include information about why you are fundraising and who or what inspired you. You can submit events to most local media stations through their websites as well.
  • Contact BC Children’s Hospital Foundation to obtain the boiler-plate information, including standard Hospital information to include in your news release. Let them know your event is specific to the Balding for Dollars, Oncology/ Hematology/BMT Program here at B.C. Children’s Hospital.


  • Balding for Dollars will provide T-shirts, banners, balloons, and other promotional material for your event.
  • Creating Event-Specific Material – Please note – Forward all your customized event materials, including event posters, ads, etc, to us for review prior to printing and distribution, especially if you are including our logo. If you’d like us to send you a high quality logo image to use, please contact us.


Step 6: Wrapping up your event

  • Following your event, arrange to have all cash/cheque donations and any donor/media consent forms brought or sent to Balding for Dollars at B.C. Children’s Hospital.  If you’re local, you and your team will be invited to come to present a cheque with your total funds raised on it to our Main Event at BCCH in May! We always want to celebrate your efforts and thank you in person for all of your amazing work! If you need support with any thank you cards or letters to any of your supporters, please reach out!

Last but not least, please look over the following items as they are important for your event!

  • If you are thinking of including a raffle or any kind of gaming activity at your event the BC Government’s Gaming Branch requires you to apply for a licence. For further details, please visit the BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch online.
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