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Owner of Salon Glam, Rosanna reached out to us through her friend, our committee member and community outreach specialist,  Jessica McCready (@mama.mccready on instagram) at the end of last year to let us know she was wanting to extend her community giving profile to help families going through childhood cancers & blood disorders at BC Children’s Hospital. This is no surprise if you know Burnaby studio Salon Glam, or it’s philanthropic owner, Rosanna. Just check out the community page on their website- it’s full of incredible giving-back initiatives and is so inspiring.


So! Here’s Rosanna’s offer. She wants any child or teen going through treatment to feel beautiful, pampered, and like they can take control of their hair loss, with a pre-loss shave, new growth or wig-styling tutorial!

So if your child is an Oncology or Hematology patient at BC Children’s Hospital and would like a trip to the salon to either:
A. Shave off their hair before or as it’s starting to fall out due to treatment
B. Get some tips and tutorials on how to style their real-hair wig
C. Trim & learn how to style newly grown-in hair after hair loss
…then you might qualify for this program. Balding for Dollars will also happily support the cost of transportation to/from the hospital (or other reasonable distance to be determined by us) if your family needs that support too.
If your child is a current patient at BCCH and would like to look into this service, please get in touch with Suzanne Dunbar at to chat and arrange it! We look forward to partnering to bring some joy to a sometimes painful hair loss journey.
Thank you so much Rosanna and the team at Salon Glam for your generous hearts! ❤ Please visit them at their salon salonglam.cafor your full hair service needs, and give them a follow on instagram to see their team and philanthropic giving in action!
If your child is shaving their hair pre/during hair loss and they have 10+ ” and would like to donate it to be made into wigs for kids please package clean/dry hair in ponytails into paper envelopes to send to us (At the request of our wigmaker & to be more environmentally conscious, please do not send hair in plastic of any kind). You have a few options- you can mail it, or drop off directly to our wigmaker.

Mail it here:

Balding for Dollars – BC Children’s Hospital
Rm B315A – 4480 Oak Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V6H 3V4

Drop it off here: (they have an after hours mail slot)

Eva & Co. Wigs
3216 Oak Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V6H 2L4

*Please note Eva’s does not send thank you’s on our behalf, if you do direct drop off, please email us your return address and/or email so we can thank you, and personalized notes are always welcomed!

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