It was a beautiful weekend (ok there was a little rain), but on Sept. 15th, 2018 that didn’t stop anyone from hitting the green dressed in smiles and their waterproof gear for the annual Everything Financial Charity Golf Tournament held at the Northview Golf & Country Club.

Every Fall Everything Financial hosts a Charity Golf Tournament to celebrate the life of Robert Heavenor who passed away from Brain Cancer in 2011. Robert and his family are long time clients and friends who embody the enthusiasm for life, family, and making a change that we at Everything Financial encourage and represent. All proceeds raised from the Tournaments are donated to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and a family who is battling their own life threatening cancer. This year they also decided to mix it up and also help some kids and their families battling Brain Tumours as well by donating a portion of the funds raised to a local BC Children’s Hospital oncology family; Alina, Maria & family and to Balding for Dollars! We are blown away by their generosity and for also thinking of the tiny humans affected by this horrible disease.

 Everything Financial Golf Tournament 

“Five-year-old Alina has been battling a brain tumour her whole life. At only 18 months old, doctors diagnosed the tumour and Alina underwent two brain surgeries to try to remove the cancer. While the surgery helped save her life, doctors were only able to remove half the tumour, and the procedure left her completely blind. Despite the new disability, her parents say the tumour would have killed her within months without the operation. After the surgeries, she completed 60 weeks of chemotherapy which shrunk the remaining tumour and held her stable for just over a year. Today, she is undergoing her second round of Chemotherapy that will last until 2018. Alina’s family says her brain tumour has ‘completely encompassed’ their lives. ‘Every aspect of our daily life has been impacted – from where we live to what jobs we can have, where the kids can go to school, to what we can do each day as a family.’ Not only is she fighting a deadly disease, she’s also getting used to a lifelong disability. Alina started kindergarten in September and is already making great strides in learning braille and using her white cane to get around. Despite her rough start to life, she’s still an active little girl who loves playing, swimming, dancing, meeting new people, and going on adventures.”

Everything Financial Golf Tournament

The Tournament was again a huge success! The teams had a blast golfing, the dinner was delicious, and there were some amazing prizes taken away from the event by some lucky participants. Alina was definitely a star component of the tournament with her lemonade stand – How cute is she!? How could you not donate double or triple for her lemonade!

Everything Financial Golf Tournament

The tournament raised a ton of money overall, with *drumroll please…  $11,585.00 going towards Brain Tumour affected families through Balding for Dollars!

We hope this will be a ongoing partnership in the years to come and the great news is you can already sign up for next year’s tournament happening on Sept. 14th, 2019. Get more info & reserve your golf and/or dinner spot here.

Thank you Everything Financial!

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