Meet Jen and her Dad Ba.

Jen got diagnosed with cancer when she was very small, many oncology ward moves ago. She fought it, beat it, and is now a healthy, beautiful and caring 17 year old. Jen doesn’t remember her experience with cancer at all (which is probably a good thing), but Dad, Ba remembers all too well. Though what he had to say was nothing but good things about Children’s Hospital and the care they received.

Jen and Ba came to visit us last week with a pretty incredible gift. A $10,000 donation to Balding For Dollars; to help other families going through similar experiences that they did. They know the money will be put to good use; providing support, care and fun for families in need.

foundation Balding for dollars 10,000 cheque presentation

Jen Tran, Dr. Sheila P., Ba Tran, Marissa (BF$ Administrator), & Cherie (BCCH Foundation Rep)

Both Ba and Jen gave touching speeches about how much they appreciated their care when Jen was in treatment, and what Balding For Dollars does for families. Jen told us that she’s always wanted to give back, and do something for other people so she decided to save all of her birthday money, and work part time jobs until she had $5000; which she asked her parents to match if she was able to get. The rest, is clearly history.

Jen is graduating high school in June and has applied for Post Secondary Education to pursue Global Stewardship, as she desires to make an impact on the world in some way. (We think she already has, and in a huge way!) Jen also loves taking photographs, so she was keen to snap a few when they came to visit. Her oncologist, Dr. Sheila P. was able to attend the cheque presentation as well, which was a really special moment. Suzanne, Parent & Patient Advocate for Oncology then decided to show Ba and Jen around the new Tech Acute Care Centre which houses the new oncology ward at Children’s, but has little special pieces of the old ward if you look for it!

Cherie, Sheila, Marissa, Suzanne- in front of bcch foundation

Cherie, Dr. Sheila P., Marissa, & Suzanne (Parent & Patient Advocate for Oncology)

We also look forward to having Jen volunteer at our Balding For Dollars Main Event on May 12th, 2018 at BC Children’s; of course she will be snapping some photographs of the day- so be sure to say cheese when you see her!

We are so proud of Jen, and wish her all the best in her future endeavors. We believe big things come to those with hearts like Jen and her family.

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