Being an Oncology mom is a label most would not call a treat in any way. It doesn’t often come up in the same sentences with words like relaxing, amazing, rewarding, wonderful, or special. Being a mom means you are switched on at all times; you work hundreds of hours a week, in many different hats just to care for your kids and take care of your household. Being an Oncology mom means all of that plus extra appointments, even less sleep, constant worry, roller coasters of emotions, and putting your child through literal hell sometimes just to try and keep them alive. It’s not pretty, and they don’t get to wear capes like they sound like they should, but we try to see that these moms sometimes just need a break, a moment to breathe, reset, and then get back to kicking serious hiney like they do.

That’s where our Oncology Mom’s Retreats come in. At Balding, our funds go towards patient and family programs that support their care and quality of life. That includes taking care of the other family members of the diagnosed too! We try to treat those moms to a little pampering; to show them they are loved, supported, and given some opportunity for self-care so they can be the best versions of themselves when they face all that they do.





This past retreat, at the end of August, Patient/Parent Advocate Suzanne Dunbar had the pleasure of taking 8 Oncology mom’s (past and present) to beautiful Merritt, BC where they stayed in an amazing lodge for 2 days and nights to unwind. Activities included some amazing meals, yoga, relaxation time, crafting and of course a trip to the spa!

A huge Thank You goes out to the Mellah Leuca Day Spa for helping host these amazing ladies- and to Suzanne’s wonderful surprise- the spa and the employees donated their services and time free of charge to give back and show their support! How amazing is that!? Owner & Manager Melanie said, “So glad to hear you all enjoyed your time, we all felt it was the best way we could have spent an afternoon!” So if you’re ever in Merritt, and get the chance to visit them, please show them your support in return!

Sometimes it’s hard to put in to words how you feel when someone shows you you are loved and supported, when your priority is always your sick child. But here is what some of the moms had to say about this past retreat:

“Such a wonderful retreat.”                                 “An amazing getaway.”                         “It was great! I cannot wait until next year”

Stay tuned to see where we take our mom’s next year, and not to worry we’ve got a little something up our sleeves for the oncology dad’s too (with a little less nail polish) but as always, we promise it will be a real treat!

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