You may have met Kate before; or read about her story of survival, and how she’s been a recipient of many amazing programs that Balding for Dollars provides. But did you know she also continuously gives back to Balding for Dollars? Read on to see how important it is for Kate to volunteer and why she does it.

As a recurring recipient of the Balding for Dollars Educational Bursary, I have experienced first-hand the generosity and support that this organization provides.  I have been on a Teen Adventures trip with my sister and was fully supported by the oncology department, staff, and the wonderful people at Balding for Dollars when I underwent a stem cell transplant for my severe Crohn’s disease in 2010.  The treatment saved my life, and it stabilized both my autoimmune related blood disorders as well as put my Crohn’s disease into a lasting remission.  I have volunteered at the Main Event for 7 years, and I actively promote the organization on Facebook.  I also volunteer in the office at BC Children’s Hospital when I have time off from university.  In 2014, I donated my hair and shaved my head, having raised over $1100 for my participation in the event.  My fundraising goal was $1000, the amount of one bursary which I have been awarded.

I give back because without the generosity and support of Balding for Dollars, I would not be here today, accomplishing my dream.  In December 2016, I completed my Bachelors of Arts Degree in English Literature, at Simon Fraser University, and I am extremely proud that I accomplished it in just four years.  In January 2017, I entered the Professional Development Program at SFU, which earned me an education degree and jumpstarted my dream career as a teacher.  I am currently a teacher in the Surrey School District.  I am so excited to continue learning and teaching, and I look forward to continuing to give back to Balding for Dollars.   This is a poem I have written.  It inspires me to keep pursuing my dreams and to overcome adversities I may face in the future, just as I overcame my illness in the past.


You are here.

You are in this moment.

You are alive and you are loved and you are growing.

You are strength and you are light

And you are graceful as the wind.

You are held by the arms of the universe

And you are rocked to sleep by the breath of the night.

You are safe and you are heartbeat and you are whole.

You are not broken, you are building your bridges and knocking on weathered doors.

You are here and this is just one moment, one breath, one heartbeat.   

-Kate Mitchell

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